Commercial/High Rise

At Adelaide Balustrading Guys, we always install heat toughened glass, made to withstand pressures of up to 120kg. The glass is designed in a similar fashion to a car windshield, so that should it ever break, the glass will pebble, not shatter.

Glass balustrades are unmatched for their ability to bring safety, visual appeal and practicality to any internal or external space. We specialise in creating glass balustrade solutions tailored for any application.

At Adelaide Balustrading Guys we specialise in working with:

  1. Real Estate Agents
  2. Strata Property Owners and Managers
  3. Architects, Builders and Designers

Adelaide Balustrading Guys has cemented its reputation as the leading commercial glass supply and installation specialists serving the metropolitan Adelaide region and surrounding areas, with a complete range of commercial glass solutions including window installation, glass pool fencing, glass balustrades, glass walls and partitions. We also provide and install handrails, which are available in a number of different styles and colours to suit your interior and exterior designs.

Whether you are a home owner that is interested in a new glass balustrade, or a business owner looking for an efficient balustrade installation, Adelaide Balustrading Guys are here to help.

Adelaide Balustrading Guys offers obligation free measure and quotes on all balustrades, commercial glass and window installations. To learn more, contact us today.